Benefits of Playing Playtech Slot Games

With lots of online casino sites and many of the newer mobile casino sites offering slot players a huge range of games, you very first decision you will have to make when you fancy playing any of them will be which slot games are going to be the best ones to play.

We would strongly advise you to take a look at many of the casino sites offering you access to the ring of Playtech designed and supplied slots, for their range of slots is not only enormous but they all come with unique features and unique themes too.

Below is an overview of the main benefits you will have when you do make the very smart decision of playing any Playtech designed and supplied slot games online and there are more than enough casino using their gaming platforms!

High RTP’s – High payout percentages that are going to see you getting more of you stakes returned as winning payouts is what will ensure you get longer playing sessions and plenty of winning combinations spinning in.

The vast majority of Playtech slots come with payout percentages from around 95% to 97% however there are quite a number of their range of slot games on which the payout percentages are in excess of 99%.

For reference those slot games are their multi spin slots, so if you do decide to play at a casino offering the range of Playtech slots, so make sure those are some of the slot games you do choose to play!

Multi Stake Slots – You will not necessarily have to pay anything to play Playtech slots online, for all casino sites offering their range of games and gaming platforms have a free play option.

However, as you will probably want to get stuck into playing them for real money once you have seen just how great playing and high paying their range of slot games are, then one aspect you will find appealing is that all of their slots are multi denomination slots. So you will be given the option of playing them for low or high stake amounts based on your available gaming budget!

All Slot Types – Having hundreds of different slot games to play is always going to give you something of a fully rounded gaming experience. As there are more than enough slots available at Playtech casinos, please do make sure that you play as many of them as you can for you will always find plenty of them that appeal to you!

New Slot Features – Be aware that some of the newer slot games you will find being offered by Playtech powered casino sites come with new playing structures and new and never seen before base game and bonus game features.

You will find quite a number of slots on which you can play hundreds or even thousands of paylines on each spin, and those slots are worth playing as only one small set number of coins will need to be wagered to give you the maximum chance of forming one or more winning combinati

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Do You Know All the Finer Details of Online Slot Games? If Not, This is Probably Your Only Chance!

Online slots are very similar to the slot machines that are present in physical casinos. The only difference is that the payouts in the online version are considerably better.

Finer Details of Online Slot Games

In the city of casinos, Las Vegas, there are very less machines that offer usual jackpots.

So, majority of the people today prefer to play the virtual form of these games simply because they also can experiment with free online slot games before they take the plunge into paid slot games.

You can explore a variety of slot games and play them without spending a single penny.

About Slots Game Play

In an online casino, you can place the bet on whichever pay lines you want and then hit the ‘spin’ button.

After you have hit the button, the reels will spin automatically and will form a particular winning combination the moment they stop spinning.

If the matching symbols appear on the same pay line, then you will be entitled to a huge cash prize by the casino.

Right from placing your bets to hitting the highest jackpots, everything in these online slots is uncomplicated.

However, it is significant for you to have a basic understanding of these slots and get as much information as you can knowledge about the pay table, rules and terms.

Some Distinct Factors of the Slot Games

Payout Table

This table will offer complete details about the symbols that are likely to pay out better and higher. It will make you aware about the price of each symbol and the ways different symbols differ from each other.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The players must place bets on the additional numbers that are RNG verified.

The online machines have similar types of algorithms like that of a physical machine. It makes sure that no player is cheated even the slightest bit and the numbers are displayed randomly always.

The Scatter Symbols

These symbols can appear anywhere on the screen while playing the game and the players wins if the identical symbols appear.

Each scatter symbol has a different value and offers different cash out.

The Wild Symbols

Wild symbols improve the chances of winning by creating the best winning combinations.

For instance, if two identical symbols appear on the same pay line, but have a wild symbol next to it, it will be counted as three matching symbols.

The player will be awarded with a payout as per the slot game!

Tips and Guidelines

All those who think that they can earn a huge amount by applying the best gaming strategy need to give it a second thought!

They must know that online slots are a game of luck. Players need to try and reduce the bet on every single line and focus on earning small amounts frequently.

It is not advisable to place the beta heavily on one line and then end up with frustration and loss.

For instance, in Guns N’ Roses slot game; you can start with a minimum bet, avail its bonus offers and then continue further.

No doubt, online slots offer a huge payout, but they are not easy to win. Players who are new to the online casinos and don’t have much funds have less chances of winning the biggest jackpots.

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Online Casinos Often Offer Free Slot Games to Their Customers! But How Does it Profit Them?

In the days when every activity around us is governed by commercial interest, it is unbelievable that online casinos are offering clients free entertainment courtesy, their free online games.

Profiting Online Casinos

It is, thus, not surprising when accusations are heaped at the online casinos, dubbing the free games as fake.

What is a Free Game?

Professional marketing of online casinos has become the order of the day, considering the huge businesses at stake.

Growing popularity of online games has resulted in a huge flow of money in the online games.

Enterprising entrepreneurs wishing to cash in on the online boom have, therefore, entered the online games industry in hordes.

To beat the competition, the marketing brains of these casinos have introduced concepts like free games.

As the name suggests, here players can play the online games for free, without making any deposit, whatsoever.

Why the Free Games?

The online casinos, in an effort to promote their games, have employed this tool-free games.

Fear of losing money has been one deterrent, which has dissuaded many from entering online casinos.

By offering free games, online casinos have quelled this deterrent and also succeeded in making players try out the new games that they offer.

Free games offered in the casinos allow players to have an experience of the games, without investing real money.

The Free Tutorial Games

Contrary to what many believe, free games are hardly doctored.

Since they are loaded from the same software as the real money games, the game conditions of free games have uncanny resemblance to the real money games.

What varies is that in the free slot games like Guns N’ Roses slot, the prize money won is not real. Although this slot is yet to release, they will definitely create a demo version for people to try it out for free!

Hence, playing free games empowers a player with complete knowledge of the slot game as well as the terms and conditions. It also offers a free trial of the slot games to get used to the casino settings.

From Free Games to Real Money Games

Players who have experienced free games rarely fail to progress to the real money games.

This is because of the admiration gained for the games, which makes them yearn for more of it.

Secondly, free games boost the confidence of players on the authenticity of online casino games.

Further, online casinos help the players to move from free games to real money games by paying the required deposit money.

Incentives are offered too by way of welcome bonuses and codes.

The Fair Casino Terms

Since it makes business sense to offer safe and secure casinos, in order to retain the loyalty of the large band of compulsive casino players, online casinos ensure that there is no room for corrupt practices in online games.

Similarly, free games have become a platform for both, new and existing players to first warm up to online games before they take the plunge in wagering with real money.

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Do You Know Why Free Online Slot Games Have Gained So Much Popularity? Is It the Money, Experience or Thrill? What Do You Think?

In current times, the trend of online slot machines and games has considerably increased.

The online slot machines that are totally free are based on software programs and you can play them whenever the computer is connected to the web.

Such software programs are also used to enjoy betting, wagering and gambling. If you wish to bet, gamble or wager and be among the other players, then you don’t need to wait any longer.

Simply browse through the internet, look at the different online gaming websites and land up with the ones offering free online gaming options. You can register yourself there and enjoy the unending variety of online games.

Registering with Online Gaming Sites

If you are worried about the registration process of these websites, then read on further.

Signing up at any website is very simple. You will be required to fill simple personal details like your name, email address and location.

Some casinos may demand some more information too. In fact, you can enjoy with the bonus that is provided by some of the websites to its players on signing up for the first time.

This bonus amount can be used to play various predefined games and earn money.

Online gaming websites offer various kinds of welcome bonus, offers and awards only to captivate the players.

If you do not know about using the bonus amounts, then you can simply go through the guidelines of the website. You will get all the details there!

Alternatively, you can even contact their customer support staff to help you get started.

Various Advantages of Slot Machines

Playing slot machines can be a great hobby, as you can spend quality time in learning new games and going back home with sacks of money.

To add on, they can serve as demo classes for you. When you sign up for a free slot game, you will get an opportunity to understand the rules as well as the terms and conditions of the game.

After gaining a clear understanding of that particular game, you can try the same game with some of your real money.

For instance, you can first comprehend the rules of Guns N’ Roses slot game, gain knowledge about its various features, and then play with real money. This way, your chances of losing money will be reduced and you will be able to make good profits.

Of course, you need to wait a bit longer for the game to be released. But once it’s released, you’ll know exactly how to start playing this slot!

Furthermore, you do not require any specific or professional skills to play these online casino games. Even if you are uncertain of making profits, you can go on playing the game without the fear of losing any credits.

The online slot machine has various other facilities for the players. The players can get joining bonus in their accounts and they can use this bonus to earn further winning bonuses.

Without a doubt, online casino gaming is the finest way to earn cash with a minimum level of risk. In fact, the chances of earning better can be increased by taking part in different competitions and tournaments held by the casinos every week or month.

Enjoying these free casino games and experiencing the thrill of the gaming world is quite simple!

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Online Slots are a Game of Luck! But You Do Need Some Skills and the Ability to Make Money From Them! Do You Know What They Are?

The latest innovation of technology is online casino gaming. With the increasing interests of people in gaming, the number of online casinos and games are also increasing.

For the ones who simply love spending time on gambling and wagering, online casino games can be the best option.

If you think it is a very risky game, then you’re wrong! Although you require some acumen and smartness to play these games, they are easy, fantastic and moreover, entertaining and a lot of fun.

Many online casinos offer several bonuses and offers after signing up and making a deposit.

This means that the chances of losing credits on a new player are not that feasible, but the newbies can utilise those totally free credits to have fun at the site.

At any given time, you can use the free bonuses to acquire strategies and knowledge of the game. Once you have attained a good understanding of the game, you can possibly win a lot of cash in minutes!

An Array of Games Offered

While talking about the variety of games, it is, no doubt, endless!

Yes, you have the opportunity to select out of hundreds and thousands of games including baccarat, poker, slot games and a lot more.

One of the incredible games is Guns N’ Roses slot. This game will be created by Net Entertainment and is slated to be released in the last quarter of 2015.

Based on one of the most popular American rock band, this is one slot to look out for!

Types of Online Games

You can find games according to your interest from the list of the games at the online casinos. You can select any slot machine that is available in different casinos and start playing.

However, the right choice is very important if you are a professional player. Online games are of two types including software program based and internet based.

The software program based games hardly require any additional applications to be installed to run the games. To add on, the online slot machine games are said to be more dependable and hence, are preferred by hundreds and thousands of players today.

The moment an online mode of slot gaming was introduced; it literally became one of the most popular way to spend time.

If statistics are anything to go by, the online casino gaming is the most booming industry!

Tricks to Play Online Casino Games

  • Based on the terms and conditions, you need to make the decision regarding the pay table and wager your money accordingly.
  • As a player, you need to make initial plans about the limitation of betting quantity. It will save you from attaining lost credits.
  • There are times when a player is not able to find the right time to quit the game. You need to know when to quit and follow through when you’re trying out a new gaming website.

It is clear that you do not require any professional skills to play online games.

It is all about smartness, intelligence and presence of mind. If you have all these, you can have maximum fun in playing the online casino games. What’s more is that, if lady luck is by your side, you can also walk away a lot richer!

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Some Useful Ideas that No One Will Ever Tell You to Help You Make Money from Slot Games!

Wouldn’t you just love to be able to rake in money while you play your favourite slot games?

Sure, these are games of chance and the winning combination of symbols is generated absolutely randomly.

There is no way you can determine the outcome beforehand. Even so, there are a few techniques that you could use to increase the possibility of winning.

You might not win huge amounts of money this way, but you will certainly be able to win money regularly, enabling you to maintain your bankroll for as long as possible.

#1-Payout Schedules

Be aware of the payout schedules of the slot machines you wish to play games on.

Irrespective of whether you play on the internet or in a land based casino, each game will feature a chart that has the winning combination of symbols and the amount of money they will pay out.

Since the payout can also depend on how many coins you wager every time you play, you should bet the correct amount of money every time.

Betting a lot of money on a game that doesn’t offer good payouts is just a massive waste of time and money.

#2-Keen Eye on Bankroll

Keep an eye on your bankroll so that you do not spend too much money all in one go. The more games you play, the greater is your likelihood of winning money.

Since many games also offer you free spins and other bonus features, you can actually extend your play quite a bit and get plenty of spins from your original bankroll.

If you are lucky enough to get many wilds then you can actually walk away with more money than you came in.

Never spend more money than you originally intended because you can lose a lot of money over time this way.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then choose a slot game that you could play with very small wagers.

#3-Better Payout Percentages

Choose games that have better payout percentages so that you get the maximum benefit from playing.

The percentages will not vary drastically from game to game but some of them definitely pay better than others.

You might have to do a bit of research to arrive at the correct answer, but it’ll be worth your while if you like to play slots very often.

There are lots of slots websites that feature interesting and useful reviews on various games.

You can also play a few games for free in order to be certain that you would like to play them for money.

Slots are a great way to relax and lots of people play them online for enjoyment and also to make a bit of money.

The slot games available on the internet these days are extremely colourful and exciting and they also have great themes that add to the enjoyment.

Guns N’ Roses slot game from Net Entertainment is yet to be released. However, everyone is waiting to play it!

It may offer some very good payout percentages like most slot games from Net Entertainment do!

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Did You Know These Factors Can Affect Your Wins or Losses in Any Slot Games?

Among the many things available today, slots are the most entertaining ones and they come with a wide variety of themes, which cater to the interest of the different players.

Although there are tons of variations available in the market, it is not very difficult to find games with similar features.

However, the variations present in the slot games further depend on the casino which strives to be different in every possible way to handle their competition and attract more customers.

The variable features present in the game may include some additional features such as texts, 3D graphics, cheering animals such as puppy, and a lot more.

In the yet to be released Guns N’ Roses slot, you can expect some great animation. Since the theme will definitely be based on this popular American rock band, you can also expect some great background score!

What Attracts Players to Slot Games?

One of the common traits about players who love to play slots is the urge to keep playing the maximum slot games available, not thinking about their limited cash flow.

That being said, any factor, which increases the number of online slots for the players is most welcome.

In such situations, it is not difficult to find players being attracted to the online slots, which give them attractive bonuses.

Generous Bonuses for New as Well as Existing Players

The slot game bonuses can be categorised into two.

One is attracting new players to sign up at their online casino portal and second to maintain the existing players at casino.

Although to attract new players, bonuses are restricted to signup bonuses only, the bonuses, which are offered to existing players, are divided into players wager and other rewards to honour the player’s efforts.

There may be a lot of types and forms of slot bonuses, but the ultimate idea is to provide players some additional perks, which never existed.

However, it demands a lot of willingness and attention from the players in order to use the freebies.

This is because of the different the game bonuses offered in various slot games. The bonuses can be anything from percentage in initial deposits of the players to fixed deposits.

So, the first step involves studying different types of bonuses that are laid out in the market. When you decide which one interests you, the next step is to get into the nitty-gritty.

The requirement for getting and using these bonuses differs from casino to casino and it is your responsibility as a player to know them before you play.

While some casinos allow the players to cash their bonus, others will ask you to wager them before they can encash your winnings.

There are also requirements for players to use the slot game bonuses.

It is also equally important for you to analyse the environment you will be playing because there are a lot of scams reported.

A single mistake you make online can give you a bad financial output. The other factors to consider include the slot bonus awards mode.

Some are awarded via e-mails, while some through casinos. Some bonuses restrict the players to the number of games, so ensure that that it is being taken care of too!

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You’ll Not Know What’s Special about Guns N’ Roses Slot until You Try the Different Online Slot Games!

When you are new to the online casino world, it is only natural that you make some bad decisions due to certain assumptions.

But you need to understand that even experienced players make such decisions time to time due to their misconceptions.

An Illustration of Misconceptions

One of the examples of misconceptions is the cluster of games on which a consistent player wagers.

You can often see players in certain card games call or fold games for an extended time considering that they will be winning big for the game.

It is also understandable that you’ll see some citing reasons like they have won some considerable size of money by playing with their experience and choice and think that they will get a considerably bigger payout percentage than the others.

In this kind of scenario, the player automatically presumes that when they wager continuously the game will be in their favour for a longer period of time.

However, this thought is completely delusional and misguiding.

Online casino games are designed to divert the danger factor and it is completely possible for a person to win a better payout or a lot of cash comparatively by just using the average lower payout percentage.

In a situation where the player likes to stick to a particular game, which has no concept of payout percentages, and has only had single win at different times or a few wins in their kitty, then it is highly difficult for them to force themselves to go in for a game, which has lesser average payout percentage.

In this way, they are only doing more harm than good when they continue to wager on a single game until the end.

Widely Reported Payout Percentages

In casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and electronic poker, the payout percentages for both, new and old variants are reported widely.

Due to this, the players sooner or later switch to the variants, which assure a higher average payout percentage.

This problem is more persistent in online slots because the average payout percentage is not usually reported. Hence, you should not be surprised to see that a lot of players rarely get stuck on a single game, which has lower average payout.

Hence, the players wagering on online slot games has keep shifting among different slot games.

Most players are waiting for Guns N’ Roses slot to be released in the last quarter of 2015. However, while doing that, they like to try some other popular Net Entertainment slot titles as well.

The slot games on a majority give an average payout percentage between 94% and 96%. This means that the other dimensions of choosing the slot games comprises of bigger meaning.

There are other types of features especially the bonus games present in the online slots. One among these is the absolutely Free Spin rounds and bonus games, which are opened on the second screen.

Developers take an extra effort to make the wild symbols completely unique in online slot games and also include various additional features like multipliers, bonus triggers, and sometimes even an expanding symbol.

It remains to be seen what kind of features Guns N’ Roses slot will include.

The online slot games, which are available in the market, are from various software providers. So, players usually try out new slot releases to keep up with the trends!

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Top 4 Casinos to Play Guns N’ Roses Slot from Net Entertainment

Inspired by the famous rock band Guns N’ Roses (GNR), this musical theme slot game promises a lot of fun and entertainment to its players. The game offers some famous characters like Slash and Axl Rose, along with some great music to keep you engrossed in the playing experience.

Rock bands are a great theme for a slot game since the musicians and their music is timeless and they connect with many generations. This game is due for release in the near future. We bring you some great casinos where you can enjoy playing this wonderful game as soon as it releases.

Royal Panda Casino

Royal PandaYou can play this game at the famous casino, Royal Panda. You will get to experience the original music clips of GNR, enjoy multiple bonuses and you can play this game on desktops, tablets and smart phones.

The exact release date has not been revealed yet, but you will definitely be able to play this game later this year. Royal Panda is one of the leading casino sites for Net Entertainment games and offers unmatched excitement and rewards to all players.

You can join the casino for free and you will get $100 welcome bonus on your first deposit, along with 10 free spins for the amazing slot – Starburst!

You’ll have a royally good time here with innovative slot games, life-changing progressive jackpots, lots of table games and live casinos with real dealers.

SlotsMillion Casino

SlotsMillionThis casino is operated by Alea Gaming Ltd. and is regulated by the Gaming Authority of Malta. You can play the games on all devices – desktops, laptops and smart phones.

You will experience outstanding quality of games at this casino and with the biggest progressive jackpots; you have a chance to win huge rewards. Guns N’ Roses will be a five reel and 20 pay lines slot game with lots of free spins and bonuses to enjoy. You can also get a lot more rewards and free spins when you register at this casino.



Bet365 Casino

Bet365This is one of the leading casinos in the gambling industry. You can get up to $200 as a new player bonus when you register on the website.

You also get a chance to play over 250 games with interesting themes and amazing rewards. The game also offers lots of table games and live dealers to enhance your playing experience. If you like playing games on the go, you can play at Bet365 casino via your smart phones and tablets as well.



Energy Casino

Energy CasinoYou can try games at this casino with free €5, which is a no-deposit bonus that is given to you as soon as you sign up with them. You also get a 100% welcome bonus with a chance to double your first deposit bonus when you play at this casino. The casino is licensed and regulated in Malta. You can enjoy a variety of Net Entertainment games here and take home some exciting rewards.





Guns N’ Roses is one of the most awaited slot games from the house of Net Entertainment. Play this game at your favourite casinos and get a chance to win amazing prizes and lots of bonuses! Combining the passions of hard rock music lovers and slot game players, this slot promises to a lot of thrill and excitement!

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Mobile Slot Games are Redefining the Future of Gambling!

Imagine that you are waiting for a friend at a café, or waiting at a cinema hall for your movie to begin. You are all alone, bored to the core. If you can make some money while waiting, wouldn’t it make you ecstatic?

And if you can make that money while having extra fun, there can’t be anything better than that! Mobile phones are the ideal devices for gambling as it gives players a chance to gamble on-the-go and win lots of money!

Mobile Slot GamingJust like other forms of gaming, gambling too is moving on to the mobile world at an astonishing rate. It is quite possible that a majority of slot games will be played on mobile phones in the next few years, making it the future of gambling.

What Can you Play on Mobile Devices?

Most online gambling destinations have taken their business mobile. You can enjoy a number of different games like slots, table games, poker, sports betting and tons more.

Casino games are increasingly growing in popularity due to the large variety, giant software providers and unconditional love from players. You can play slot games on your phones or tablets easily if you have an internet connection.

Most companies will also give you a chance to play with real money through your phones so you can win loads of cash, no matter where you are! If you are looking for a new and exciting game to play from your mobile device, then you can play the Guns N’ Roses slot powered by Net Entertainment as soon as it releases in the last quarter of 2015. It promises to be one of their biggest games with a rock band theme.

What makes Mobile the Future of Gambling?

There are a number of reasons why mobile phones are becoming the target device for gaming companies. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Smart phones offer big and vibrant screens, making it the perfect destination to play high-quality slot games.
  • Due to the fast internet connections available, you can easily play games without any problems.
  • Mobile slots provide on-the-go entertainment, so you can enjoy them wherever you are and at anytime.
  • Due to their responsive web designs, the layout of mobile slots is absolutely perfect, with no loss in design or graphic quality. They are created especially for the smaller mobile devices screen, so they look brilliant on smart phones and tablets.
  • You can be assured of security even in mobile games with the leading software developers assuring 100% secure mobile transactions through your mobile devices.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi connection, the data costs on your phone are drastically reduced and you can play games at a truly reasonable price.
  • For most slot games, you don’t even need to download any app; you can play the games directly from your phone browser.

Final Thoughts

Mobile slots are definitely the next big thing. They will soon become the talk of the town and due to the convenience; they might even overtake the desktop casinos market very soon.

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